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Welcome to Daniel O'Connell's portfolio website.

From concept through completion, I deliver results that are visually appealing and utilize the appropriate technology. Since 1994, I have been applying my creative and technical sensibilities to deliver solutions that make sense. My strengths in web technology, visual design and e-learning are demonstrated in the positions I have held: web developer, webmaster, IT manager, creative director, web designer, multimedia developer, consultant and perhaps most importantly teacher. I have also been lucky to continue working as a photographer along the way.

What's New? Visit the new version of this website here.

Three pictures I took were featured in Crain's Chicago Business: Link and Screenshot.

I am in my fourth year as Technical Marketing Manager on the Marketing Applications team at Actuate. I am excited about the projects we are working, especially the Mashboard and Reusable Reporting.

Update: We released the Mashboard on BIRT-Exchange. Go get it!

This site is now danieloconnell.com. It took a long time and it is now mine. I am quite happy.

I have completed all of my training as the Committee Chairperson of my son's Cub Scout Pack. Feel free to ask me questions about Hazardous Weather or Outdoor Orientation.

I completed the American Heart Saver AED program which includes Adult/Child/Infant CPR with Mask and Choking and Adult/Child AED.

I received a Certificate in Distance Education from Indiana University in November of 2005.

Four number 1 placements in Google for the Garden Walk Website with "summer bands chicago" at #2.

I had 9 photos published in the 2005 CTU Annual Report (5 MB PDF) including several of the California coastline from a summer vacation.

Working on a Google Adwords Campaign for Catholics on Call.

Mission My personal mission is to use my technological expertise to assist people and organizations that will receive the greatest benefit from my skills and passion. I enjoy working with small companies, non-profits, community and faith-based organizations as well as teaching young people about the business of web development.

Background My background is in Multimedia and Web Development with extensive experience designing sites and applications for the web. I also have been working a great deal with search engine optimization. Read about my search engine optimization success stories.

Emerging Technology I am very interested in emerging technologies and open source software. I am working to help CTU integrate rss and podcasts into the blended courses (and future online courses.) Our open source software use includes a learning management system, content management system, server technologies and many productivity applications.

Software I have worked with many different design software packages including those by Macromedia and Adobe. I also have significant experience with networking and in information technology.

Work I currently work as a Technical Marketing Manager for Actuate Corporation.

Expertise I am extremely knowledgeable in the areas of the web development, e-learning, content management systems, learning management systems, computer hardware, computer software, and networking, and I can apply that knowledge to community based organizations while teaching them to develop skills to better use available technologies to their benefit.

Experience In addition to my strong background in computer technology, I also offer significant management experience having been the manager of the Learning Insights development team. I worked with a million dollar budget, presented and managed relationships with Fortune 500 clients and dealt with the hiring and retention of personnel. My ability to communicate in an effective manner allows me to provide a work environment that promotes creativity and individual initiative while being efficient.

Projects I pride myself in having a keen attention to detail while keeping the project and deadlines in focus as well. At CTU, I am able to focus on our largest projects (our new building and website redesign) while making sure the smaller projects are addressed as well.

Statement I feel that the combination of my experience with dynamic web development technologies, my teaching experience and my management experience in a corporate setting makes me an ideal person for a variety of situations.

I would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you to discuss how my experience could benefit your organization.

Thank you for visiting my website.

News Flash: This site is now #6 if you Google "Daniel O'Connell and #8 if you Google " Dan O'Connell".

Daniel O'Connell

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