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The Best Free Software

Mozilla Firefox - a browser less prone to spyware

OpenOffice - May do anything that MS Office does.

PDF Creator - An easy and free way to make PDFs

Infanview - Free Image Editing Software

PhotoPlus - Free Image Editing Software

GNU Image Manipulation Program - Free Image Editing Software

Scribus - Free Desktop Publishing Software

Inkscape - Free Illustration Software

AVG Antivirus - Free Antivirus software recommended by both Maximum PC and PC World.

I do not guarantee this or any other product but you ABSOLUTELY NEED to be running an antivirus. So if you do not have Norton or McAfee, you can try this one for free.

ZoneAlarm - Free Personal Firewall Software

If you have a broadband connection or access the internet through a wireless connection, you should have a firewall.

Mozilla Thunderbird - An excellent email client with awesome spam filtering.

Audacity - Robust audio recoding and editing software

Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer - for those without PowerPoint

Other Software - MozBackup, Audacity, 7-Zip, SpyBot, AIDA

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