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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization has become an interest of mine and I have completed some freelance work utilizing my skills. I read recently that if you are listed in the top ten when searched, most people will assume you are an expert in that area. If people using the popular search engines cannot find you, you are missing many potential visitors. My results speak for themselves.

Click on a link below to see how much of a difference search engine optimization can make with listings in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Catholic Theological Union
13 Number One Listings on Google!

Catholic Graduate School (1 of 8,250,000)
Catholic Graduate Scholarship (1 of 1,630,000)
Bernardin Scholarship (1 of 19,700)
Master of Arts in Theology (1 of 687,000)
Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies (1 of 1,520,000)
Chicago Catholic Degree (1 of 2,400,000)
Chicago Catholic Ministry (1 of 1,600,000)
Theology Graduate School (1 of 1,020,000)
Catholic Theological School (1 of 760,000)
Catholic Theology Graduate (1 of 295,000)
Catholic Sabbatical Program (1 of 271,000)
New Theology Review (1 of 3,280,000)
Liturgical Consultants (1 of 66,100)
Graduate School Ministry (3 of 531,000)
Chicago Theology School (5 of 1,720,000)
Theology Classes (5 of 661,000)
Chicago Theology Classes (7 of 296,000)
Catholic Theology (8 of 8,330,000)
Catholic Religious Formation (1 of 2,330,000)
Religious Formation (3 of 7,120,000)
Master of Divinity (27 of 2,730,000)
Doctor of Ministry (41 of 6,530,000)
Cardinal Bernardin (3 of 165,000)
Memorial Cards (41 of 1,120,000)
DaVinci Code (91 of 508,000)
Main analysis as of 12/15/2004 when the work for them was completed

Peacebuilders Initiative
It is pretty interesting how high this site is ranked for having these keywords. For example: This site is in the top three for Famous Peacebuilders.

Peacebuilders (3 of 77,900 )
Catholic Peacebuilder (1 of 627)
Famous Peacebuilders (1 of 547 )
Famous Peacebuilder (1 of 284)
Christian Peacebuilding (1 of 117,000)
Weekly Gospel Reflection (1 of 260,000)
Lent Classroom Activities (1 of 373,000)
Cultural Diversity Activities (14 of 10,720,000)
Easter Classroom Activities (7 of 790,000)
Joseph Bernardin (6 of 30,300)
Illinois Hunger Coalition (3 of 17,000)
Womenade (3 of 1,180)
Bama Works Foundation (1 of 18,400)
Morton Grove Mosque (1 of 39,800)
Main analysis as of 12/15/2004 when the work for them was completed

Sheffield Garden Walk
Four Number One Listings on Google!
garden walks (1 of 2,190,000)
garden walk (1 of 57,000,000)
garden walk chicago (1 of 12,800,000)
sheffield neighborhood (1 of 1,720,000)
neighborhood garden tours (1 of 1,580,000)
sheffield neighborhood chicago (1 of 1,540,000)
neighborhood gardening newsletter (1 of 1,330,000)
summer bands chicago (2 of 6,370,000)
summer festival chicago (6 of 4,920,000)
chicago garden tour (6 of 5,530,000)
summer entertainment chicago (15 of 7,350,000)
architectural tour chicago (26 of 2,870,000)
architecture tour chicago (31 of 2,080,000)
sheffield newsletter (32 of 1,940,000)
master gardeners chicago (50 of 220,000)
Main analysis as of 1/15/2006

Catholic-Muslim Dialogue
Catholic-Muslim Dialogue (1 of 2,610,000)

Chicago Center for Global Ministries
Global Ministries (9 of 8,920,000)
Chicago Ministries (5 of 1,860,000)
World Mission Institute (7 of 134,000,000)
main analysis as of 1/15/2006.

Downers Grove Site
Downers Grove Kids Activities (1 of 69,100)
Downers Grove Stores (15 of 196,000)
Downers Grove Restaurants (29 of 508,000)
Main analysis as of 10/1/2005.

This Site
Daniel O'Connell Google (6 of 4,570,000)
Daniel O'Connell MSN (3 of 378,630)
Daniel O'Connell Yahoo (11 of 2,180,000)
This one is only impressive if you know I was named after the most famous Irishman to ever grace the earth.
Main analysis as of 1/15/2006.

To maintain high placement in search engine results, content must remain up to date, so results may fluctuate.

More to examples to come.

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