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Catholic Theological Union Accomplishments

Standard Operations

  • Administered a Windows 2003/XP/2000 computer network with 123 workstations, 18 printers and three wireless hotspots.
  • Administered an Linux email server with over 800 users and groups. Served standard email clients as well as webmail.
  • Managed a Linux webserver hosting five seperate websites
  • Oversaw a Merlin Legend PBX with 140 ports.
  • Managed a Messaging 2000 voicemail system.
  • Supervised a 12 station student lab and training facility with a print server.
  • Provided training to faculty and staff on equipment and software.
  • Coordinated all IT purchasing, leasing and contract work.
  • Supervised all AV needs for classes and events including microphones and digital audio recording and archiving.
  • Member of the Administrative Council

  • Special Projects

  • Reduced IT budget by 25% in the first year.
  • Evaluated phone bill and eliminated unnecessary services saving CTU $6,000 the first year.
  • Oversaw Low-Voltage planning for new CTU headquarters (opening in 2006).
  • Launched Moodle, a free Course Management System, at CTU to replace Blackboard system, saving CTU $5,000 per year while earning praise from faculty for implementing a more robust software package.
  • Coordinated project to implement standard Content Management System for three of our most frequently updated websites.
  • We have signed a deal to switch our phone service to XO Communications, potentially saving CTU between $800-900 per month in telephone charges.
  • Initiated procedures for recovery of failed hard drives, fully recovering data from three failed drives in first six months.
  • Retrained faculty in use of technology at CTU, significantly reducing our help desk calls.
  • Started initiative in using open source or free software at CTU as well as educating the CTU community of free software alternatives.
  • Added 25 residences to our phone system reducing student phone costs while helping us reduce our calling costs through increased volume.
  • Consulted two schools on Moodle implementations.
  • Developed low-voltage plan for renovation of current CTU headquarters back to a residential structure.
  • Purchased and installed 25 new workstations for the faculty & administration during first year.
  • Added the capability to our main copier to scan in documents, at the rate of 30 pages per minute.
  • Increased file tranfer to 16GB per month while lowering our copier operating costs in first year of using Moodle.
  • Designed and distributed a set of CTU branded PowerPoint templates.
  • Led faculty training in developing effective PowerPoint presentations.
  • As first IT manager at CTU, I developed all policies and procedures from scratch.

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